Saint Pascal Wedding Booklet


The decision to marry is a joyful moment for you, your families and the Church. We are happy to be a part of this holy moment of celebration. As one of the Seven Sacraments, Marriage is blessing in our lives given by God and entered into with hope and prudence. The parish is anxious to help you prepare not only for the wedding day but for your lifelong marriage commitment.

The marriage of two people is a symbol of Christ’s love for His Church. Therefore, the exchange of wedding vows takes place in the context of the community. Your family and friends represent all the People of God. Together, we bless you, support you. As a Sacrament, you enter into a covenant with God and each another. From a social perspective, you enter into a contract with society creating the most basic pillar of society, the family. In both, you promise a love to last a lifetime!

Marriage in the Catholic Church also expresses a commitment to the faith and its practice. These months of engagement are an ideal time to reflect on your faith. This may mean a deepening of your relationship with God, or it could mean a fresh start, a renewal of commitment. We encourage you to be sure to spend time in prayer, especially at Sunday Mass, as you enter into the Sacrament of Marriage. May God bless you during these exciting days!

With best wishes,
The Community of Saint Pascal

There are some very important requirements to be fulfilled before a wedding takes place.

The parish must be contacted a minimum of six months in advance prior to the wedding. This is important because the date must be reserved and all preparation must be complete.

Marriage preparation consists of:

  • An introductory meeting to discuss all the requirements
  • Several meetings with the priest or deacon who will witness your wedding
  • The FOCCUS relationship survey
  • PreCana, an Archdiocesan marriage prep component
  • Liturgy planning with the priest or deacon as well as the Music Director
  • The Rehearsal
  • It is a lot to cover, so it is important to honor the six month requirement. A year would be better and to your advantage!

    The following documents are required:

  • A NEW baptismal certificate
  • A NEW Confirmation certificate (if confirmed)
  • Two witness Affidavits
  • A civil marriage license from Cook County
  • If you have been married before --- in any church or before a judge or any other civil authority, even to each other, you must inform the person taking the initial information when you call the parish. Also if you have been married before, you must provide:

  • A death certificate of your former spouse, or
  • The divorce decree
  • A declaration of nullity or annulment from the Catholic Church.
  • If either of these is needed, we will be happy to assist. However, no date for the wedding can be recorded until we are certain both parties are free to marry.

    Family MInistries - Catholic Marriage Preparation

    Sign up for the marriage preparation class that's best for you below. After attending your marriage prep class, you can now customize your PreCana experience! Click here for additional information and to register.

    The Ceremony

    Everyone wants their wedding to be special, and they all are! Because you are asking God’s blessing upon your marriage, the wedding must take place in church, except in extraordinary cases. No wedding can take place outdoors.

    All liturgical guidelines are in effect, so your wedding reflects the faith commitment of all involved. Music, décor, gestures, clothing should all be a sign of respect for God and His house

    The best rule for the wedding is to keep it simple. Extravagant numbers of couples for the wedding party is out of place. You must have a Best Man and Maid of Honor. The wedding party and other principal players for your wedding should be at the church 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the wedding. However, because we do not have a bridal room, we recommend that the bride stay in the car until a few minutes before she is to begin her walk up the aisle

    The total time allotted per wedding is one and a half hours. Within that ninety minute time frame, we will have plenty of time to have the wedding in a reverent and relaxed manner, take pictures and have the church available for other parish activities. It is especially important that the wedding start on time because the limit is ninety minutes.


    There is no way to thank God enough for the blessing that comes in marriage. The donations outlined here merely help in supporting the work of Saint Pascal Church.

  • $325 for currently registered parishioners or if the immediate family is registered
  • $400 for former parishioners
  • $675 for non-parishioners who live within the Saint Pascal Parish Boundaries*
  • $800 for non-parishioners who live outside the Saint Pascal Parish Boundaries*
  • There is a $100 non-refundable down payment to reserve the date. Changing the date will forfeit this deposit. We have many people seeking dates! This deposit will go toward the final donation total indicated above.
  • *Please call the parish office for further details. Non-parishioner donation includes non-refundable deposit, church and music fees, additional cantor or instrumentalist fees may apply.)
  • Other fees, such as the PreCana, musician and cantor fees are dealt with directly with those parties. Because our Music Director makes her living doing this work, she is ordinarily the person who will play for the wedding. If you choose to use an outside musician, there is a $100 bench fee.

    The church donation check should be made out to Saint Pascal Church. It will go directly to the parish and is not retained by the priest or deacon witnessing your wedding. An honorarium for that person is appreciated but optional. Also, you will have two servers at your wedding. A small honorarium ($10 –$20) would be appropriate for their help.

    Sacrament of Reconciliation

    Before the wedding takes place, it is highly encourged that Catholic couples prepare for marriage by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In this way, you can enter into marriage with a clean heart and healthy spiritual life. Confessions are heard every Saturday at Saint Pascal from 9:00 to 9:30 AM. Other neighboring parishes also have times available.

    The Rehearsal

    Please bring to the rehearsal

  • The Cook County Marriage License
  • Church donation
  • Musician fees
  • Two servers' honoraria ($10 or $20 each)
  • Honorarium for presider
  • "Together for Life" wedding preparation book (to be provided by the parish)

  • Preserving the Day

    Many weddings use a photographer or videographer to preserve the happy memories. They should be on time, dressed properly and discreet. Sometimes in trying to preserve the moment (and get that “special shot”) they can ruin the moment by jumping in the aisle, blocking your parents’ view, etc.

    Final Reminders


  • Call the Church first to set the date not the reception hall
  • Be on time for meetings, rehearsal and wedding
  • Use flowers sparingly
  • Not use aisle runners
  • Make sure "wedding planners" do not interfere with the wedding
  • Make sure all planning is complete and details settled before the rehearsal
  • Ask your questions and get your answers from the parish staff
  • Make sure if someone throws flower petals, you have someone to clean them up
  • Make sure flowers are affixed to the pews with wire or hooks - no tape
  • Make sure you and the wedding party have a bite to eat prior to the ceremony. (It will avoid you or your party from fainting in the middle of the ceremony!)
  • Don't....

  • Skip planning meetings or be late
  • Bring candy, gum, chewing gum or alcohol in the church. If anyone shows evidence of drinking on the day of the wedding, they will not take part in the day ---and that includes the bride or groom. Seriously
  • Use runners, flower arches, pillars or wagons for infants… and if we really have to say it - no pets
  • Force children under six to walk down the aisle
  • Throw rice or birdseed

  • Odds and Ends

    Saint Pascal Church is handicap accessible from the Dakin Street Parking Lot

    The mailing address is: 3935 N. Melvina, Chicago, IL 60634

    However, for the invitations, it might be easier to indcate: 6200 W. Irving Park Road as well as provide a map through Mapquest or any other mapping website.