Old Testament Readings

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2 The souls of the just are in the hands of God. Wis 3:1-6, 9
3 A blameless life is a ripe old age. Wis 4:7-15
4. The Lord will destroy death forever. Is 25:6, 7-9
5 It is good to wait in slience for the Lord God to save. Lam3.17-26
34 I will open your graves my people. Ez 37:12-14
158 A worthy wife is to be praised. Prv 31:10-31
173 I will watch over my sheep. Ez 34:11-16
245 No longer will there be weeping or mourning Is 65:17-21
453 To everything there is a season. Eccl 3:1-11
821 Fear not, I am with you. IS 41:8-10, 13