Saint Pascal Communication Guidelines

There are several vehicles available for communicating information about what Saint Pascal is and does throughout the parish and the community… the Weekly Bulletin, the Parish Website, Facebook, Mass Announcements and the Parish Newsletter. If you have any information you would like to have communicated in any of the above, please email your request to Mary Boss at Announcements must be submitted by Thursday (2 days prior to the weekend), and bulletin articles must be submitted by Thursday (10 days before it reaches the parishioners hands).

Weekly Bulletin

The weekly bulletin is still the primary communication method within the parish. Listed below are some guidelines to be used when submitting an article.

  • Transmission: Email is the best option, but if that is not possible, then clearly written / typed material is acceptable. Anything not submitted via Email must include your name and phone number in the event we have questions.
  • Format: Microsoft Publisher and Word are the preferred file formats. Scanned material does not generally work very well. It is not always clear… and may need to be distorted in order to fit on the page. This would also apply to JPG and PDF files of the entire article. JPG and PDF files of individual pictures are preferred.
  • Margins & Space: If you submit a full page item, your margins may not be set the same as those used in the bulletin and will be adjusted accordingly. Space is often at a premium, so very often it is not possible to devote a full page to every full page submission. On occasion, we may need to reformat an article to enable it to fit into the bulletin so that is will be legible without being distorted.
  • Color: Since the bulletin is in color, pictures and/or color accent text is always welcome; however, please avoid using large MB files as they do make loading a bit difficult. Available space dictates the size and number of pictures used, and on occasion, the color submitted is not always the color which comes back in the printed bulletin.
  • Fonts: Not all fonts are available when the file is sent to the printer. If the font you use is not available, it may convert to the default font. The standard font we use for the bulletin is Franklin Gothic Book.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Just a few suggestions…
  • The “Mass” is always capitalized. When “He” (or any other article) is used to refer to God, it is capitalized.
  • The current style manual recommends one space between sentences; there is no longer a need for two spaces.
  • When writing about a person, “who” is used rather than “that”. For example, “The person who needs a bulletin is standing in the vestibule.”
  • Please check all of the names that you submit in your articles (or names that you submit for the sick, military or Mass intentions), as we do not want to offend anyone by misspelling a name. We may catch a few, but your diligence will help us greatly.
  • Deadlines: Just a reminder… that generally speaking, material for the bulletin is due in the rectory on Thursday, 10 days before it reaches the parishioner’s hands. However, holiday bulletins (i.e. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day) may have earlier deadlines. Earlier deadlines will be announced via email message.
  • Your effort to follow the tips above is greatly appreciated. If there is anything that can be done to assist you, we are always more than happy to do so.