Saint Pascal Parish Religious Education
Family-Centered Catechesis Program

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Sacraments


What about making sacraments?

We have sacramental programs for Eucharist (Communion) and Reconciliation (Confession). Traditionally, the preparation for these sacraments takes place in second grade. Children in seventh grade can join the Confirmation program. You can find out more about these programs when you register.

Children need to be in at least two consecutive years of religious education (either here at Saint Pascal's or at another parish's school or religious education program) before they celebrate a sacrament. This is a policy in most of the parishes in the Archdiocese.

No one is ever too old to prepare for and celebrate the sacraments. We have specialized programs for students who would like to be baptized, receive the Eucharist, or make their first Reconciliation.


Why do my children need to attend Religious Education every year? Why can't they attend just when they need to receive their sacraments?

In math, your children learn new subject matter and skills each year. You cannot have them take second grade math and then pull them out of math until seventh grade and still expect them to know the new material. It works the same way in religious education. If they skip years, they skip a lot of material.

Just as in other curricular areas like math and social studies, our program covers different subjects and builds upon the knowledge acquired the previous years.